New Initiativies

Key Elements of High Investment Returns
Our outstanding returns come from sustainable profitable growth strategy based on operating excellence and best project selection ability.


  • Strong entrepreneurial investment team with proven capability to create value.
  • Outstanding track record of successful investments and exits with 4.5 money back multiple.
  • We form competitive management teams that perform successfully in all market cycles.

Focus on operating excellence

  • Strategy planning and development.
  • Effective transfer of best international practices.
  • Outstanding operating practices:
    • corporate governance;
    • sales and marketing strategy;
    • financial planning and discipline;
  • Operating culture.

Best-in-class strategic support groups

  • Access to capital markets.
  • Compliance, internal audit and risk management.
  • Analytics, reviews and forecasts.
  • Corporate governance and legal expertise.
  • Organizational development and best-in-class professional search.