Evaluation criteria

Key Investment Criteria & Consistent Investment Process:

  • The alignment of interests between the firm and investors/customers.
  • Healthy brand equity and direct access to customer and consumer bases.
  • Projects on growing, dynamic and fragmented markets with further consolidation.
  • Accelerated sales or market share growth with proper economic indicators based on certain competitive advantages.
  • Potential high EVA model resistant to volatility.

Competitive advantages and value chain

  • Patient capital from Resmi and strong interest to collaborate with the best international investors and governmental development institutions.
  • Strong local management team enhanced by well-experienced Western professional management team with a successful investment track record and project managing experience in a few fast growing sectors. 
  • Reputation of a game-changing in a customer & consumer oriented sectors independent Growth Investment Group partnering with the best-in-class management teams.
  • Proved investment model based on a value creation through the designed sustainable profitable growth strategies and global best practices transfer into the project portfolio.


Competitive advantages and value chain


  • Majority ownership and investment experience in emerging markets with a fast-growing and fragmented portfolio.
  • Access to the base and partnership relationships with investors focused on private equity sector development in the region.
  • Management expertise, knowledge and access to the local market.

Value creation key elements and ensuring high yield:

  • Balanced corporate governance system (professional investors, active participation through the Board of Directors BoD, profile committees, Management team).
  • Strategic business planning and development (strategic, product and territory development plans, corporate alliances creation, organizational development).
  • Access to the best-in-class practices and technologies for enhancement of operational and financial effectiveness (financing access, best-in-class expertise in HR management, sales / marketing, budget planning, analytics, industry specific knowledge, compliance, risk-management, accounting / reporting).
  • Exit (just in time potential buyers group defined).